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CPD Courses

Each CPD Course contains a specific amount of lessons. In each lesson, there may be several resources or tasks for you to view, download or undertake. Some of the larger courses have several sections and within each section, there will be several lessons.

We do not conduct assessments or quizzes in our CPD Courses as it is not required.

Yes. Our CPD Course material is downloadable for you to use in the workplace, or to take offline. We encourage the use of as much material as you can find in our resources in each lesson.

You have access to the CPD Course for as long as it takes to complete the course. In several of the CPD Courses, you are able to retake the entire course or certain sections of the course for a limited amount of times.

Yes. We don’t allocate specific CPD points for your industry, however, we provide you with the recommended points scale for the number of hours it takes to complete the task.

On completion of the CPD course, you will have access to a certificate for the course, The certificate shows your details, the title of the CPD course and the amount of time you have spent on the CPD Course. Additionally, there is a tracking link for verification in case you need to prove authenticity.

Your certificate can be found in your Profile which is accessible at from the top toolbar of the site, once you are logged in. There is a specific tab in your profile labeled ‘Certificates’ and it is in this area that all certificates are stored for you to download when you require them.

Additionally, at the completion of each course, a green Certificate button will appear, allowing you to immediately download the certificate. If this doesn’t work, it may be due to your popup blocker on your web browser. In any event, they are stored in your profile.

Purchasing CPD Courses

Yes, you can. Just add the course you would like to take to the cart and continue to payment.

Yes. Please contact us at info@cpd-australia.com to setup a meeting to discuss your requirements. We are happy to help.

Yes. You can continue to add as many CPD Courses to your cart as you need. Email us at info@cpd-australia.com for a discount code if you are purchasing three or more courses. We will give you a secret deal for reading this FAQ section.

Purchases & Refunds

We accept credit and debit card payments from individual clients. This is undertaken through STRIPE.

If you are buying on behalf of a company for your team, then we can arrange to invoice for this purpose.

Please email info@cpd-australia.com with the subject line ‘Urgent’. We will contact you immediately to sort out any issues.

You are entitled to a refund if you have purchased your course and you have not yet commenced your course with CPD Australia. Additionally, you can only request a refund within 28 days form the payment date.

To request a refund, please email us at: info@cpd-australia.com with the subject line “Request for Refund’.

We do not store card details for clients. We have strict policies for this and all cards are transacted through our payment gateway STRIPE who are compliant to the standards.

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